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Investment in Innovation


Use of modern and environmentally friendly special coating technology for our health and a clean environment.

Heat, cold, light and electricity in a simple printing process? Is that imaginable? Top quality in minutes, climate-neutral production, inexpensive and durable? For all? Not only is it imaginable, it is already a reality! Properties that supply themselves with energy and heat, advertising spaces that light up and do not require electricity, roofs and sidewalks that remain free of ice and snow in winter, and much more, all of this is no longer an illusion today! Welcome in the future! Be a part of it


Resources and new technology on the blockchain


Our partner network provides modular services in procurement for efficient purchasing of raw materials, sales and logistics. The processes are then automated, logged and securely handled via the blockchain. The transparency and traceability is thus permanently guaranteed and at the same time increases the confidence building in the automation.


The various sources of information from the order system, warehouse, production, sales and also data from end customers can be integrated and automated on the blockchain.

#POWERTHECHANGE - all what you have to know


GBI AG develops industrial and private blockchain and distributed ledger solutions. Blockchain serves as the basic protocol for new technologies such as AI margin systems and blockchain-based settlement management systems.


The development of blockchain technology is a global process that cannot be stopped. Today we are even witnessing the creation of a digital currency system that will completely change the global economy of the world. The use of asset-based digital units of account is a revolutionary method of transferring value on the Internet. The essential characteristic of a cryptocurrency is that there is no internal or external administrator, so it is completely controlled by the owner.

A new vision of smart digitization


We all know that money has power. But we are convinced that this power can also do good. Digitization was and is a story of great visions and, at the same time, of many utopias. The visions of yesterday have become reality today and new key opinion leaders are emerging who will dominate the rules of the digital world in the future.


By becoming a member of our cooperative with voting rights and “share-like rights”, you strengthen the Swiss Blockchain Cooperative on its mission and participate in the development of a more sustainable world - together socially, ecologically and economically. Over 17,000 members are already part of our community.